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BDD particles:

1)It can be widely used in saw cutting grade metal bonded diamond tools, which can greatly improve the service life and cutting sharpness of cutting tools;
2)it can also be used for grinding grade resin bonded diamond tools to increase the service life of grinding tools;


BDD electrode:

Due to its high oxygen evolution potential and widest electrochemical window, BDD electrode is an ideal anode material for electrochemical oxidation treatment of refractory organic wastewater, which can be widely used in sewage treatment and medical treatment Since its inception, the project team has rapidly broken through foreign technical barriers and made continuous breakthroughs and verifications with its efficient team management and core focused R & D investment, based on more than 20 years of R & D accumulation of film materials in Central South University.

At present, the BDD particles and BDD electrodes of the project team can be mass produced. And has begun to cooperate with domestic universities and scientific research institutes:
1)In the field of environmental protection, it mainly aims at high concentration, strong acid-base, high toxicity and refractory organic wastewater;
2)In the field of medical and health care, ozone generator is made to kill various viruses and bacteria, such as new coronavirus;
3)In the field of daily life, ozone generator can be used to purify domestic water. If vegetable cleaning, swimming pool water, toilet flushing water can be further purified for drinking water, such as coffee machine, drinking machine, etc;


In response to the call of the state, the company actively engaged in environmental protection and purification, and is willing to contribute a scientific and technological force to the blue water and blue sky of the motherland and the global environmental protection.